Knoddishall War Memorial

Another locked church, but we do have a war memorial.

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  1. Nick Kilner says:

    Simple, but effective. I like it.
    The Podd’s were brothers, and both fought with the 1/4 Suffolk’s. Albert died 15th March 1915 and his younger brother Laurance (note the unusual spelling, his middle name is Alma, which is very unusual ) followed suit on 18th May 1916. It’s to be hoped they weren’t the only sons of Mr and Mrs Podd. Laurance is buried in Bethune town cemetery, which isn’t far from my regular stomping ground at Loos, so it’ll be interesting to look into him a little further. And no, I’m not researching the Smiths, but do feel free 😉

  2. Alan Bond says:

    Unfortunately there are no siblings listed in 1901 1911 and 1921 Census for Podd brothers , their mother lived until 1942 dying at the age of 78 and their father survived until 1948 aged 86

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