Post Update Prologue

Time, as we all know, is a creeper.  One minute you’re starting a brand new website and hoping that someone, somewhere, will find it of interest, and the next, you’re staring at years of work with tens of thousands of pictures, hundreds of thousands of words and, as it turned out, views too – more than someone, apparently, found it interesting. 

Websites, like most things (although not bunkers, admittedly, which do the opposite), evolve with time, and the amount of detail included in the posts I publish these days is considerably greater than it once was.  Thus there is plenty of information I have since collected that could be added to some of these older posts which would doubtless improve them no end.  I say ‘could’ when I should say ‘will’, because I have begun doing exactly that.  The original basic text will remain – I have no intention of completely rewriting these older posts – but it will be updated where required, and along with the addition of documents, maps & photographs pertaining to the burials, these updates will be significant.  Not that you’ll be able to compare, because the original post will have disappeared into the ether.  And anyway, I would bet that many of you haven’t ever seen some, perhaps all, of these older posts, so hopefully the new improved versions will be of interest.

From time to time I shall inform you of such updates, the first of which concerns one of the communal cemeteries on the River Lys that we visited, some of us, way back in 2011.  If you leave Ieper by the Menin Gate, and travel the length of the Menin Road to its very end, you will find yourself in the town of Menen, as it is now called, where the communal cemetery (above) contains a number of British & Canadian soldiers & airmen, most buried by the Germans in 1916 & 1917.  And you can pay your respects to them by clicking here.

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4 Responses to Post Update Prologue

  1. Alan Bond says:

    Thank you for yet another interesting and informative post. These graves look in tip top condition.

  2. Jon T says:

    I often trawl through the older posts so looking forward to the “new improved” versions for sure !

    • Magicfingers says:

      Good stuff Jon. Nice to know that the older posts get looked at – they are still as relevant as when they were written, after all.

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