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Aldershot Military Cemetery Part Four

The majority of Great War burials in the cemetery, 454 in total, are to be found here, in Plot AF. 

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Aldershot Military Cemetery Part Three

We ended the last post paying our respects at the Great War graves up on the hill in the background of this shot, and this time we’ll take a brief look at the burials down here in Plot A. 

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Aldershot Military Cemetery Part Two

There are around seven hundred Great War graves in this cemetery, seventy of which are to be found among the burials here in Plot R. 

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German & Austro-Hungarian Official Field Postcards

Great War postcards are strange creatures.  They allow us the most personal of insights into the men and women who wrote them, and yet at the same time they represent one of the largest military administrative operations ever seen, considering … Continue reading

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A Subaltern’s Lot

So, young man, you think you have what it takes to be a subaltern in the King’s Army?

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Aldershot Military Cemetery Part One

Aldershot – ‘The Home of the British Army’.  At the start of 1855, with the Crimean War still more than a year from its conclusion, the Army began constructing its first bespoke, as we might say today, training camp in … Continue reading

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French Flanders: Richebourg Part Two – Rue-des-Berceaux Military Cemetery

Rue-des-Berceaux Military Cemetery was begun in January 1915, and when it closed in February 1917, only around one hundred & fifty men had been buried here. 

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