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Mont Kemmel Part Fifteen – Dranoutre Military Cemetery

Now there’s an interesting, if curious, still-life for you. 

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Mont Kemmel Part Fourteen – Dranouter Churchyard & War Memorial

Appropriately, on Remembrance Sunday, it’s time for us to return to the battlefields of Kemmel, where the churchyards and military cemeteries still tell their sad tale of death and sorrow.  We begin Part Two of our tour at the rebuilt … Continue reading

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Coming Soon to a Website Near You!

For those of you currently struggling with all things grenades, here’s a cemetery for you (grenades, cemeteries, that’s some weird site you got there, boy). 

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Mont Kemmel Part Thirteen – The French Ossuary

This is the French ossuary on the western slopes of the Kemmelberg. 

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Mont Kemmel Part Twelve – On Mont Kemmel Part One: The Heroic Hill

A little French booklet that I picked up for a song earlier this year (from France, via Abe Books, no extra tax, thank you very much).  Published in 1920, and entirely appropriate to our current tour, this post features some … Continue reading

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Mont Kemmel Part Eleven – The Kemmelberg

Mont Kemmel, sometime in the early 20th Century. 

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Mont Kemmel Part Ten – Kemmel Chateau Military Cemetery

It’s getting late in the day as we arrive at the entrance to Kemmel Chateau Military Cemetery. 

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