So What Did You Do Last Weekend?

Caterpillar Crater

Caterpillar Crater, 13th January 2013.

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6 Responses to So What Did You Do Last Weekend?

  1. John says:

    Absolutely an amazing photo … It is currently the wallpaper on my work computer unless you object. Has already garnered a few positive comments that open a door to the “rest of the story”. Don’t mean to sound greedy, but do you have any more from that local area that is so dear to my studies ? Nicole sends her greetings to your cats.

  2. Magicfingers says:

    Hey, thanks John! No objections from me. And to answer your question, we spent the afternoon on Hill 60, the Caterpillar and at Larch Wood Cemetery, so there is a possibility that some of the 170 photos I took might interest you! Oh, and fyi we went to Sanctuary Wood Cemetery and Hill 62 the next day. Having also visited eleven other cemeteries and numerous memorials (including the awesome Canadian Brooding Soldier at Vancouver Corner) the day before the snow came, you might say we had a rather full and successful weekend. I shall start sorting out the Hill 60 photos shortly, but it will be a while before I am ready to post them, as you will doubtless understand. Watch this space (as you do, I know).
    Tell Nicole that Amelia and the others (Skat, Mew, Kizzy and Little Thunder Bear, as I am sure she’d like to know their names) reciprocate.

  3. 。私はあなたを上に従うことができますあなたがFacebookやTwitterのページを持っていますか?

  4. は、しかし素晴らしい仕事を維持するありがとうございました。学校に行くには、[OK]残念ながらその時間。

  5. 私は、私が感銘を受けた。本当にはほとんどそれは教育的で楽しいの両方です| ウェブログ、と私は聞かせ私が遭遇あなたを教えて、あなたが持っているヘッド内に釘を打った可能性がある|得まし。あなたの考えは抜群です。 不快感が 不十分な個体は約インテリジェント話している事。私たちはこれで何かのための私の検索でこの偶然発見| 嬉しく幸せ 実際にはかなり非常に私達はあります。著者| 向かっへ いくつかのおかげ

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