After Ploegsteert Wood

This post, uploaded back in January 2011, has turned out to be a complete fabrication (apart from the Zillebeke bit, which did happen…check out the Zillebeke section on the Home Page for proof).  The Tour of Ploegsteert Wood was finally completed about a year later, early in 2012.

So, the Tour of Ploegsteert Wood is completed.  Phew.  Balders suggests we head for the Messines ridge next, but there are technical issues involved there at the moment (which means I haven’t compiled all the details of the men buried in some of the cemeteries there and that, my friends, takes time), so I think we should instead go to the Zillebeke area, a mile and a half south east of Ypres, and the scene of heavy fighting throughout much of the War. 

Of course, it’s entirely possible that I may change my mind.  Who knows?

Be that as it may, that is all for the moment.  Balders and I shall return, so watch this space.

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