West Clandon War Memorial

A wet afternoon in West Clandon.  The church of St. Peter & St. Paul, with the war memorial in the left foreground.



The only CWGC grave in the churchyard itself (as opposed to the nearby church cemetery, where there are 11 burials, but I’m sorry, it was just too wet) is that of:


Update, September 5th 2011:  What a lovely day it is.  I think, as I shall be passing through West Clandon later this afternoon, I shall stop, take some new photos, this time with glorious blue skies, and find the cemetery while I’m there.


Bombardier Evans’ headstone.

After which the heavens opened.  Again.

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2 Responses to West Clandon War Memorial

  1. Baldrick says:

    …but I’m sorry, it was just too wet

    Nothing could’ve been wetter than Ledeghem, surely?

  2. Magicfingers says:

    No, I reckon you’re right there Balders. And anyway, Clandon was a quick ten minute stop, unlike our soggy afternoon in Ledeghem. Fun though, eh?

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