Woking Muslim Cemetery (1915)

In the south east corner of Horsell Common, easily missed if you don’t know where to look, are the brick walls and ornate domed entrance to the now-abandoned Woking Muslim Cemetery.  Built early in the First World War to receive burials of Indian soldiers who had died at the Indian Army Hospital in Brighton Pavilion, during the 1960s the bodies were removed to Brookwood Military Cemetery.

And here they are today.  The Muslim Plot at Brookwood Military Cemetery.

For those of you who don’t know Brookwood, here’s just a small part of it.  This view looks across the headstones of the South African Plot in the foreground, with New Zealand and Canadian graves behind.  To the right can be seen the Brookwood (United Kingdom 1914-18) Memorial, and the Muslim Plot is visible in the far background, the furthest graves to the right of, and beyond, the small tree in the centre.

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