Woking – Jarman Court Memorials

If you were to find yourself strolling down this particular street in Woking, and if you were to casually glance towards this unassuming facade, you would be very pleased that you did.  The two memorial plaques to the right of the entrance were retrieved from a skip when the working men’s club that I believe once stood on this site was demolished, and have now been reset into the wall of the modern building.  Good stuff, eh?

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5 Responses to Woking – Jarman Court Memorials

  1. Graham Jarman says:

    Yes the Ex-Servicemens Club stood on this site some 10 years ago when I was pleased to have a couple of pints with a colleague.

    I would like to know why its called Jarman Court now as that is my sirname!

  2. Magicfingers says:

    It was named Jarman Court after Clarrie Jarman, who was a local Woking footballer who lost a leg during the Great War – he was quite a character, ‘adopted’ by the regiment after the loss of the leg, and well known about town. I believe he lived into his eighties.

    • David Goulbourn says:

      Clarrie made it to 100, but died shortly thereafter. Amazing when we lost his leg at the start of the First World War in 1918. It didn’t stop him doing anything, since he kept wicket for his local cricket team & was involved in senior positions with Woking Football Club as Secretary & Treasurer, including during the time they won the Amateur Cup Final at Wembley.

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