Kingston – St. James the Less Church & War Memorial

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  1. Richard Roberts says:

    Hi Magicfingers – I have been searching through a bit more of your fascinating site and I suspect that there are a number of references to men who served with the Yorkshire Regiment in WW1. For instance, Arthur Redfearn on this memorial although listed as Y.L.I was in fact in the Yorks. Regt., see,%20A
    In principle, are you happy to allow your images to be reused when I come across them, providing a credit and link is given as with the Calstock WM? Kind regards Richard

  2. Magicfingers says:

    Hi Richard. As far as I am concerned anything that helps to keep the memory of these men (and women) alive is fine by me. By all means use anything from my site that you find of use (I’d of course be interested to know if you do find other stuff that’s useful). By the way, Calstock is in Cornwall, not Wiltshire, as your colleague Edward has put on your site. I also posted a message yesterday on the Calstock page about a couple of Yorkshire men buried in Brookwood Cemetery that might be of interest.

  3. I am really grateful for being able to use your photos and information.
    I have set up a page on the Yorkshire Regiment Remembrance website for Kingston,
    with the village in the correct county this time (I hope)!
    I checked the map, and saw that Kingston is near Bigbury, – where we spent a holiday 25 years ago.

  4. Magicfingers says:

    Yeah, it’s really nice down there.
    You may have noticed that I have recently uploaded a major Brookwood post. I will add the photos of Howlett & Barden to the end of the post, and you can grab ’em from there. I will see what I can do tomorrow night.
    And you are most welcome. Sharing stuff is cool, or at least I think it is. And btw, I like the way you have set up the pages. Looks good.

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