St. Neot – Two War Memorials, Church of St. Neot & St. Neot Cemetery

There is another war memorial in the churchyard, but I refuse to go unless the sun comes out…

That’s better.  This sort of thing never happens when Baldrick’s around.  If Baldrick was here, the heavens would have opened.  Believe me.

Just down the road the cemetery is worth a visit:

I wonder.  Their ages suggest they may well have served during the war.  Did they survive but perhaps succumb to flu the following year?  Perhaps they worked in a reserved occupation.  Perhaps the flu just got them anyway.  Or perhaps they died two weeks apart for some entirely different reason.  I don’t suppose we’ll ever know.

Back to the church:

By the way, have you noticed the oak branch at top of the church tower?  Tradition in action.  English history in front of your very eyes.

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2 Responses to St. Neot – Two War Memorials, Church of St. Neot & St. Neot Cemetery

  1. Baldrick says:

    Dear Sir,

    I wish to make a complaint.

  2. Magicfingers says:

    Balders, you know very well that complaints come out of your wages, but if you feel you must, fire away.

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