Crewkerne – The Old War Memorial & St. Bartholomew’s Church

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  1. RBL says:

    If you visit Crewkerne, be sure not to miss the principal War Memorial at Severalls Park, a housing estate to the South of the town, off Hermitage Street (Lyme Regis road). Approached via an avenue of Horse Chestnut trees, originally one for each local man who died in WW1, there stands a statue of a soldier, on top of a replica of a Cornish granite edifice. The oak roadside posts along the avenue are each dedicated to one of the conflicts since WW2.

    • Magicfingers says:

      How funny. I was down there just a couple of weeks ago and photographed the memorial in the housing estate. I shall upload the photographs in the not too distant. I was informed whilst there that the two brick buildings to the left of the memorial (as one faces it) were the first houses in the country to be built as ‘homes for heroes’ after the Great War. Anyway, many thanks for commenting, and watch this space.

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