Aldershot – Redan Road Cemetery (Aldershot Civil Cemetery)

Redan Road Cemetery, the final resting place of 57 men who died for their country in two World Wars.  We shall pay our respects to as many as we can.

In the north east corner of the cemetery a small Jewish cemetery contains two military graves:

Duncan S, Royal Marine expert, Aldershot resident, and all-round fine bloke, without whom it is highly unlikely these photos would ever have been taken.  Thankee kindly good Sir.

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  1. Murray Morrison. says:

    Hi, I recently paid a visit to Aldershot cemetery in search of the Victoria Cross heroes buried there. I had no trouble finding the graves of William Davidson BISSETT VC and Ian John McKAY VC. The grave of Sir Evelyn WOOD VC eluded me. Was I in the incorrect cemetery? I took the information out of Davis Harvey’s “Monuments to Courage.”
    Could someone please put me on the right track.

    • Magicfingers says:

      Hello Murray. Yep, you were in the right place. Evelyn Wood’s grave is a pink polished granite cross – the visible words are ‘Evelyn Wood’, and beneath ‘Field Marsh’ because a number of letters are missing. The headstone appears to be maybe twenty yards in front of a hedge, and the ground in between is undulating. Best I can do, as I have yet to visit myself, but I absolutely will be doing so this summer, and the info I have given you is correct. You’ll find him next time.

      • Murray Morrison. says:

        Hi, thanks for coming back to me so promptly. It will be awhile before I get back there. My wife and I reside in South Africa and we took two weeks out to visit most of the VC graves in southern England. I think we managed 151, covered over 3200 miles. I guess by the time we got to Aldershot – almost the end of our pilgrimage – I had a white stone fixed in my head, and certainly didn’t look at the pink ones. Many thanks for the information. If you are doing a visit to VC graves in southern England I may be able to make your search easier, let me know.
        Thanks once again. Kind regards, Murray.

        • Magicfingers says:

          Murray, you are welcome. And I am sorry that you can’t just nip back to Aldershot and find him. However, it is possible you may have made my day. May I have permission to email you – I have your address.

          • Murray Morrison says:

            Hi, absolutely. I am in Hildenborough at present, signal very poor. Where my wife is in Mayfield, even worse! Look forward to your email.

  2. Magicfingers says:

    Murray. Thanks ever so. Very naughtily I emailed you yesterday! Email entitled ‘VCs in the South of England’. Check your spam!

  3. Magicfingers says:

    Murray, just in case you are still checking out this site, I visited Aldershot myself the other day and found Evelyn Wood.

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