Woking – Mayford Industrial School Rolls of Honour


This building was once Mayford Industrial School…



…and at the far end of this block…



…there is a room…


…at the time of my visit full of objects due to go to auction.


I found this photograph of one of the rooms at the school, and if you look closely on either side of the screen in the centre background, you will just make out two boards that could perhaps be Rolls of Honour…


…and indeed they are.  In a store room in a Woking multi-storey, and with a little help from Freddie Flintoff and that bloke on the right (whom you may recognise from elsewhere on this site), we tracked both of them down.  Good work, eh?



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19 Responses to Woking – Mayford Industrial School Rolls of Honour

  1. Orville says:

    Hi I was in mayford approve school from 1972/1973.Is it possible to get some copys of the photographs.I would be most greatful, if you could e-mail me.

  2. richard says:

    I was there from mid 72 to Feb 73, when I got kicked out!
    The roll of honor board was in the dining room, the dining room was the big room on
    the left as you look at the building from the front. I was passing by in the 90’s and I had a look around and I was talking to someone and he was throwing away an aerial photo of the place, I probably still have it.

  3. Orville(rob) says:

    Richard what house was you in?

    • richard says:

      I was in the house that was on the left as you looked at the building from the front. The dining room was the lower right, not the left. Most of the photos are of the back of the place and it looks totally different now. The gym was across the back and made the back into a fully enclosed courtyard, you had to climb the roof to escape!

  4. Steven Paul Letchford says:

    Hi I am Steven Letchford I was in nelson house ,do you have any photos , think it was between 1967 and 1971, headmaster with Mr Nicholson , housemaster with Mr Fisher ,

  5. Joseph Orgar says:


    Hope you are well quick question for you.
    Do you know what happened to Allen house, preparatory school, Hook Heath, Woking, war memorial.



    • Magicfingers says:

      Hello Joe. Not too bad thanks. Leave it with me for a couple of days – most of my information on Woking war memorials is at work – and I will check for you.

    • Magicfingers says:

      Joe. A few years ago my friend Duncan and myself did a project called ‘Woking Remembers’ where we tried to find and photograph all the memorials within the old borough boundary. We couldn’t find the Allen House memorial, nor, so far, any sign of what happened to it (nor the old Co-op plaque either). At the time Duncan put a message on the Great War Forum, and two photos subsequently appeared (if you want copies let me know), so he has put another message on there today after I showed him your message to me – we shall see if anything comes up this time. Best I can do.

  6. David Stratton says:

    I was a pupil here from 1958 — 1962 approx.;.
    Head master and his wife were Mr and Mrs Wallet, they lived in the big house at the side of the school, nice kind people. Deputy Head was Mr Wickstead, now there was a wicked man, when he gave the cane you were made to bend over and hold the straps on the end of a gym bench. This would often take place during the night when all the boys were lined up in the quadrangle of a yard (playground) after you were informed why you were there and who’s fault it was, you can imagine the boy responsible was punished more than once. Mr Wickstead had quarter irons on the heel of his shoes and you would him take six steps as he ran before the swish of the cane came down on the poor victim. Evil sod.

    Most boys went home at Christmas, if however you did not have a suitable home to go to we stayed behind and had a great time courtesy of the resident staff. We made our own entertainment.

    I was head farm boy when I was 14 and allowed to work on the farm 4 days a week starting at 6am, milking the cows. I will always remember the Dormitory master who when we had finished our boiled egg breakfast would call out in a slow voice “is there any early morning farmer who would like another hard-boiled egg” I still love eggs to this day. Thursday was tick day, we would wait for the tick board to be displayed in the window facing the yard and if you had 6 ticks you could go to the cinema in Guildford, when you returned you would produce your cinema ticket as proof that you had gone, secret, we would get other boys to find a ticket on the floor and we would by ciggies and meet the local girls. Ah memories. David Stratton, if you were there or remember me email dstratton111@gmail.com

    • Magicfingers says:

      Hi David. An interesting read for which many thanks. There were one or two evil sods at my school in Croydon. Some of the behaviour of teachers in those days would definitely see them behind bars today. Different era entirely.
      As you see the occasional Mayford pupil does turn up here, so you never know if you might get contacted one day. Hope so. I’m with you with regard to eggs!!!

      • chris williams says:

        I would like to visit. I was there 1963-66 did 2 lots. I worked In the kitchen. Chris Guile made cakes for staff and boys. Good and bad memories. Had scarlet fever, and a few others had it also. The cinema was in Woking not Guilford, as stated earlier. We went and got rolling tobacco and smuggled it back. Anyone remember Bond, Freeman, Watts, Bridges. I was there the day the night watchman was murdered, anyone remember. I will visit in the summer.

  7. Paul solomon says:

    Hi I was there apx 68 to 69 flash mixed race kid Solomon or Solly some names I remember fritz Aztec Mitch rip lister nice to hear from anyone who remembers me als if there is any advice how can access my files and photographs best wishes
    Paul Solomon

  8. Maurice Stanton says:

    I was there from 66 to 68 Jessie wickstead evil little fucker.mr chin chin Armstrong Leyton who used to bounce your head of his fat guts

  9. HiI was at mayford from November62 to 63. Mr &mrs Wallet (the governor and matron) really nice people I learned he later went on to Govern a prison some were. Mr Linch was my house master. Mr welch,mr armstrong ,mr Blake,can’t remember them all. But owe a lot to the woodwork teacher thanks to his teachings I ended up with my own Carpentery Business and done well.in all a great experience regret not going back to visit..

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