Stoneleigh – St. Mary’s Churchyard




Unusual to find “At the going down of the sun…” on what appears to be a non-military headstone, don’t you think?  Presumably there is a military connection of some sort.



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  1. TriAnna says:

    More info from the Stoneleigh History Society archive, but not a particularly coherent explanation (as the son isn’t buried in Stoneleigh):
    Stoneleigh’s a funny little village – no pub because the local landowner closed it and banned it from ever reopening in early 20thC after cyclists visiting from Coventry (that den of iniquity!) had too much to drink and made suggestive comments to his daughter.
    Tangentially, have you visited the Polish WW2 graves in Baginton churchyard, just down the road?

    • Magicfingers says:

      No I haven’t – unfortunately, Warwickshire is not exactly just down the road for me. Thanks for the link, btw. There you are, you see, cyclists causing mayhem again (you are talking to someone who never even owned a bike when he was a kid – although I could probably reel off most/all the TdF winners and the dates they won since Fignon & Lemond and am actually catching up with TdF highlights – have been away all week – as I type). Bet you don’t meet many non-riding pro-cycling enthusiasts.

      • TriAnna says:

        No not that many, but then in my experience, a lot of cyclists don’t really follow professional cycling either (or maybe it’s just triathletes). It’s been an interesting/unpredictable TdF so far – we’ll see whether the TT tomorrow puts Pog in the yellow jersey. We’re off to France next week to watch the TdF Femmes, which should be a bit different. The circus surrounding the men’s TdF can be a bit overwhelming, so I’m expecting this to be a bit more low key.

        Baginton is my local church, so next time I’m up there I can take some photos if you like – I’d need to know where to send them though 😉

        • Magicfingers says:

          I have yet to check out today’s TdF but the past few days have been quite something. A battle royale. I used to work with a guy who did a pre-tour cycling fortnight following the route of the tour to come, every year. Enjoy the TdF Femmes – oh, and I have your email address, thus, if you give me permission, I can contact you off-site and you can then email me pics as and when. Lmk.

          • TriAnna says:

            Well it’s been even crazier for the last few days! I hope you enjoy catching up with it.

            Yes, absolutely fine to drop me an email 🙂

  2. Magicfingers says:

    Thankee kindly. I will do so imminently.

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