Warwick War Memorial


















You may have noticed, above the large panels on each of the four sides of this Eleanor Cross memorial, four empty niches such as the one above.  You will also notice that all four are broken at the top.  Were there once figures here, presumably soldiers and presumably bronze, that have long since been ‘removed’.  Ok, stolen.  Anyone know?


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  1. Wendy Lloyd says:

    Hello, I have just stumbled upon your site whilst staying in Paschendaele. My husband and I have been coming here and cycling the area for a few years now and each time we learn something new.

    I was interested to see this part of your site as in the eighth picture you can see my Grandfathers name, Lloyd DR. Dennis was killed on the first night of battle at El Alamein, October 1942, he was in the Military Police and was mine clearing for the Desert Rats, one of the first snipers to come over killed him. My father was 6 and his brother was 4 at the time.
    My father is 82 now and still lives in Warwick, as does his brother.

    Thank you for this site I will continue to follow with interest

    • Magicfingers says:

      Hello Wendy. I am very pleased you stumbled, which is not my usual reaction to stumblers, I assure you. I knew a man once, a long time ago, who fought and survived Alamein; he was a working class man, and his poetry about his experiences was thought-provoking, to say the least.
      Glad you have ‘signed up’. Good timing, in my opinion – I have just published a post on Hill 60 you might find of interest. You should have received an email by now. A mere 13 mile round trip from Passchendaele……well, as the crow flies.
      Thanks for taking the trouble to comment – twice – too. This site is always being updated – check out the Interactive Googe Maps (link beneath banner heading) to see what’s what. You have a lot to look through should you so choose. And thanks for drawing my attention, inadvertantly, to the missing photos in these two Warwickshire memorial posts – I have fixed the problem.

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