Poelkapelle – Ypres Salient Tank Memorial


Just next to the roundabout on which the Guynemer Memorial stands, this little brick memorial remembers the 243 men of the Tank Corps who were killed in the Salient during the Great War.


The memorial has only been here since 2009, but better late than never, I say.  How wonderful that there are still people who care enough to push through such a project nearly 100 years on.


A few feet away stands this beautiful model of a British tank:






873     874       872


Final view, looking back at the Guynemer Memorial (click here for a more detailed look).  If you do a Google search you will find a photograph taken from exactly the same place showing the abandoned British tank, mentioned on the Tank Memorial plaque, that for a while between the wars served as the village war memorial until the Germans removed it during World War II.  Or even better, click on the ‘Chris Lock’ link (the first comment below) and you will find not only the tank photograph, but much more besides.

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9 Responses to Poelkapelle – Ypres Salient Tank Memorial

  1. Chris Lock says:

    And as founder of the TMYS I wish to offer you my gratitude for including the TMYS on your super site. Full construction with commemoration details are all included along with memorial fact sheet on the memorial’s dedicated web site listed above.

    Fear Naught.


    • Magicfingers says:

      Hi Chris. Many thanks for your kind comments. I visited the TMYS on the way ‘home’ from a day exploring the area between Nieuwpoort and Dixmuide; it had been a long day and we were heading for Grimbergen (the beer, not the place) and grub, but when I saw the Guynemer Memorial ahead, I suddenly realized where we were and that a final stop was necessary. I have of course been aware of the TMYS since the inauguration ceremony, and more power to you for, well, everything, really! I hope I have made my feelings plain in this post, which I have updated slightly since your comment. Thanks again for taking the time to comment. I hope I am allowed to respond in kind on this occasion. Fear Naught.

      • Chris Lock says:

        Pleasure and if I can ever be of service to you, just shout! The TMYS web site not only contains much information applicable to it’s creation and dedication, but also information concerning the memorial’s official dedicated annual ceremony.
        A page is also dedicated to the Friends of the TMYS. They support the work of the Board members who are responsible for representing the memorial when and whenever required under the guidance and representation of Honorary President
        Lt General (Retd) David Leakey CMG CBE. If you are ever visiting or passing through, give me some notice and I will be delighted and honoured to brief you at the TMYS itself. Fear Naught. Chris Lock.

        • Magicfingers says:

          You are too kind. If you have explored my little site you will have noticed that the areas to the north of Ieper are less well represented than those to the east and south. Mainly because I have yet to visit many of the cemeteries (including Poelcapelle British) to the north and north east (I began to rectify this recently with the trip I mentioned previously). Which means I will be doing so over the next couple of years, which means you are likely to be taken up on your offer at some point! Before I forget, when I do get round to writing the tour of Passchendaele, or whatever it ends up being called, which will appear on this site one of these days, I might get in touch, if that’s ok, with regard to the actions of the tanks in the early days of the battle. In the meantime, thanks again for taking the trouble to post your comments. And eternal thanks for the TMYS.

          • Chris Lock says:

            Sounds as if you will have your work cut out but please feel free to use stuff from the TMYS web site. Much is included concerning the dual actions carried out by the men of the Tank Corps ie: dedicated tank action and the much less public awareness of the dedicated dismounted Lewis Machine Gun teams which gave the infantry so much support during the great German offensive in the spring of 1918.

            The TMYS web site really does contain much info on how and when the TMYS war created, the amazing gallantry offered by the tank soldiers themselves and of course the commemoration work carried out today under the guidance of Lt General (Retd) David Leakey CMG CBE, Vice President Ian Robertson, Great Nephew to Captain Clement Robertson VC, the Royal Tank Regiment representatives and of course always with the great support offered by the Burgomaster’s Office of Langemark-Poelkapelle today.

            I wish you the very best of luck and look forward to the day when I greet you at the TMYS itself.

            Best wishes

            Chris Lock
            Formerly RTR.

            Today: founder of the TMYS
            Hon Chairman: Friends of the TMYS.

  2. Magicfingers says:

    Thanks again Chris. It will be a privilege to meet up with you at the TMYS one of these fine days.

  3. Magicfingers says:

    Chris, as I am intending on visiting Poelcapelle again at some point this year (three Flanders trips planned) – schedules never quite work out the way you expect, so I’m a couple of years later than intended – I thought I’d see if your offer of meeting up is still on the table?

    • Chris Lock says:

      Of course and will be delighted!

      Just make sure you come back to me before you travel as I am often out of the country these days.

      Looking forward.


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