The Tower of London 11-11-2014


It seemed appropriate, on this particular day, to be here.



Every poppy, a life lost.



Every single poppy.




Tower Bridge in the background.



















888,246 hand-made poppies, the first one planted in July, the final one at 11.00 o’clock on the morning of 11th November 2014.  As you read this, they are already being removed.  For what it’s worth, these photos show the only evening when all of them, every single one, were in place.  Most of the pictures aren’t great; it was wet and the light wasn’t too good for hand-held photography, but the poppies and the Tower looked magnificent, and that’s what counts.  I hope these pictures give you at least an idea of what it was like to view this awesome spectacle in reality.


We do this kind of thing rather well, us Brits.

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11 Responses to The Tower of London 11-11-2014

  1. Sid says:

    Ah well MJS I’ll accept your closing statement! Here was I sitting in front of my far away tellie saying to Carole “Wish we were there to see this magnificent sight”. They also showed a mind-blowing view looking down on the entire scene from above however I reckon your photos do justice to the special event. Your camera is far better than mine (oh and I should say so is the photographer’s prowess!)

    Incidentally I was a volunteer selling poppies for my local RSL Club (Returned Services League). I do it every year and the generosity of the Western Australian public making significant donations for one single poppy to wear for 11th November never ceases to amaze me.

    (The RSL conducts all ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day ceremonies in Australia)

    Cheers …… and keep ’em coming

    • Magicfingers says:

      Hey Sid! I appreciate your acceptance! I couldn’t resist the comment. The proof is in the pictures. Thanks for the nice comments, by the way. As you know, I do my best. And good for you for being a poppy seller – mind you, I am not at all surprised to hear it.

      Keep tuning in!

  2. Bill langley says:

    Hello, thank you for the Tower. Well done,kind regards ..Bill

  3. Sharon says:

    So beautiful and moving, thank you , thank you. I can’t wait for my poppy to be delivered.

    • Magicfingers says:

      And thank you too, Sharon. Honestly, it was a stunning sight, and as I was not at all well on Tuesday I am so glad I made the effort to go (yes, I too look forward to my poppy arriving). Did you see that the artist (forgotten his name) has said recently that he has no idea what he is going to do for 2018? Best of luck to him, I say.

  4. Martha Raffae says:

    Saying you do this well is an understatement! It is a breathtaking sight commemorating all those who fell in battle.Lest we forget.

  5. i stunell says:

    Thank you for the photos. I had taken my granddaughter to see the tower over half term, but with so many people it was hard to get a good photograph so it was great for her to see them on such a special day.
    It has made an impact, as for Christmas, she has purchased the b l chocolate bars from sainsburys wrapped them in brown paper and placed the tag with a poppy knowing all the profits are going to a good cause. Thanks for your fantastic web site .

    • Magicfingers says:

      Hello again. That’s a great story. Tell your granddaughter that theBigNote wholeheartedly approves! And thanks for your comments too. Very much appreciated.

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