Bemerton War Memorial & St. John’s Churchyard
























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  1. Cathy Sedgwick says:

    I am emailing from Australia & volunteer on the family history website called Wiltshire OPC & I am currently trying to find photos of all the War Memorials & Roll of Honour Plaques in Wiltshire so that they can be transcribed.

    I was hoping that you will allow be to use your photos – crediting yourself of course (please advise name you wish me to use – if you give permission).
    Great photos by the way 🙂
    Thanks for your time

    • Magicfingers says:

      Hello Cathy. Thanks for getting in touch and glad you like the photos. By all means use them for the Wiltshire project. You can credit Magicfingers, or MJS if you prefer, or I’m afraid that I don’t live near Wiltshire but I do pass through quite frequently, so watch this space for further posts. I have uploaded some photos of St. Andrew’s Church in Great Durnford, which I visited just last weekend, since your comments.

      • Cathy Sedgwick says:

        HI MJS
        Thank you for allowing me to sue your photos – & since my first request found a few others for Wiltshire that I would like to use.
        I saw the Great Durnford photos that you added yesterday & was hoping that you would see this message.
        Thanks again – appreciate your help !

        • Cathy Sedgwick says:

          Use (not sue) oops 🙂

          • Magicfingers says:

            Lol! You go ahead and sue whatever you need.

          • Cathy Sedgwick says:

            ha ha – so sorry – glad you see the funny side of it 🙂

          • Anthony Dawes says:

            Hello Cathy, I lived in Ashton Keynes as a boy before we moved to the States (way back in 1984!) To this day, I still wonder about the crosses in Ashton Keynes as they all seemed decapitated so the actual cross part seemed removed. If this is the case, when in history did this happen and who was responsible? My details are to follow and I just read your article about Ashton Keynes from 2014 so that prompted me to ask you. Thanks.

    • Geoffrey Whitton says:

      Hello Cathy, Off subject.
      I have been sent your write of a WW1 Australian soldier casualty by an Australian relative.
      943 Lance Corporal. N Livesey. 12th Bn Aus Inf.
      Firstly, I would like to congratulate on a very good and very comprehensive write up. This Livesey family are in my family tree. In the write up you refer to a letter from Norman Liversey’s sister, Mrs Eva Whitton. Eva was the wife of my cousin. How would I get hold of a copy of this letter?
      Have you any particular connection with this family to cause you to do this research?
      My regards, Geoffrey Whitton

      • Cathy Sedgwick says:

        Hello Geoffrey
        I have tried to reply to this many times but it never goes through.
        I am not connected to this soldier & sorry I don’t have a copy of the letter.

        Is this soldier researched as part of the Wiltshire OPC group – I no longer volunteer on that site.

  2. Peter Franklin says:

    Hi Cathy,
    Trying to contact you regarding your entry for Major C Franklin, OBE in Highland Road Cemetery, Portsmouth, Hampshire. You have incorrectly recorded his father as Charles Alfred Franklin born 12 August 1860. He died 22 December 1889 at Chelsea and never married or had children and therefore not the father of Major C Franklin. I can let you have details of his Death Certificate should you wish.
    Please contact me email –

    Regards Peter Franklin

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