Goodbye to the old soldier.  My Dad.  11th September 1918 – 22nd October 2015.

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  1. Chris Wouters Belgium says:

    My sincerest condolences to you, your family and friends.
    May he rest in peace…..

    Chris from Belgium

    Never forget!

  2. Morag says:

    Sincere sympathy. You were blessed to have him for so long but this doesn’t make the loss any easier. ..

  3. James Monahan says:

    I am so sorry to hear of your loss. It is great that you had him around for so long and that he was able to tell you so many stories. He was a hero and you will always have treasured memories.

  4. Rick Law says:

    At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
    We will remember them.

    May he rest in Peace.

  5. Claude says:

    I don’t write loads of comments but I am reading you a lot.
    I am really sorry to hear about the loss of your father. Please accapt my sincere condolences.

  6. Sid says:

    My deep condolences MJS.
    There will be wonderful memories from such a good long life

    Kind regards
    Sid from Down Under

  7. Baldrick says:

    Such sad news.

    Mrs Baldrick and me had the opportunity to meet him just once. What a smart, kind and true gentleman he was.

    Our sincerest condolences.
    Speak soon…

  8. Edward (Chard) says:

    Sincerest condolences to all the family

  9. Phil Nichols says:

    John will be much missed by all his friends in Somerset. He was a true gentleman … with our sincere condolences

  10. John says:

    We will miss them every day. My sincere sympathy,

    — John, son of John (Jack)

  11. Magicfingers says:

    Thank you all for your kind thoughts. We didn’t always see eye-to-eye – particularly back in the 70s – but in the last twenty years my Dad and I had become very close, and I shall miss him a lot. But he’d had enough, and he told me quite a few times this year that it was time and he was ready. Much better, at his age, than hanging around for a couple more years with no real quality of life, particularly as for 96 and a half of his 97 years he was as on-the-ball as you and I.

    Thank you all once again. He would have appreciated your comments greatly.

    • Julie G Parker says:

      For the first time today I’ve discovered your site, only to read your very sad news. Condolences to you and your family at this sad time, I hope the warm memories give you some comfort.

      I’ve just returned from my first ever visit to the battlefields of WW1. I discovered that my GG Uncle John Walter Keef 7135 had served in the 1st East Lancs. in 1914. He died on his injuries on the 25th October 1914 and was buried in Armentieres Military Cemetery. I was fortunate enough to find his grave and lay a small wreath in his memory. I found the information and photographs you have posted helped me to understand where he was and some idea of what he saw. Thank you for your research which helps to keep the memories of these brave people alive for future generations.


      • Magicfingers says:

        Thank you for your kind words Julie. If you take a look at the French Flanders Category on my site you will see that I have recently begun to show people around some of the cemeteries to the south of Armentieres, which you might find of interest. I am off to Flanders again in a month’s time and Armentieres Military Cemetery is actually on my list of possible visits. We shall see.

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