Merry Christmas Everybody

Well folks, another Christmas, the eighth that this website has seen, and this year, for your delectation, a selection of Christmas cards from the collection, all written one hundred years ago.  This first one is the official London Regiment card for 1917.

‘To Dear Mother & Dad’, from ‘Your Loving Son Jim’.

14th (Light) Division Christmas card, from Edwin to Dad (see below), listing the division’s Great War honours so far,…

…and also featuring this terrific illustration opposite Edwin’s somewhat abrupt message.

46th Division Christmas card,…

…from Alf to Ethel and Will.  Another wonderful illustration – no glory here, just toil.

And lastly a postcard from one of the forgotten men in the Balkans,…

…and let’s hope they did all celebrate Christmas 1918 together.  Or at least 1919.

Now, a couple of general BigNote things.  Firstly, this site has been getting too big for a shared server (although hopefully not its boots.  But how many photos are there here now?  Certainly thousands.), so Baldrick & I, over the last week or so, have finally moved the complete website from a shared server to one of its very own, which didn’t please the bank manager, but has pleased both of us no end since.  There might be a short ‘settling down’ period, so bear with us, but it should make your viewing experience much smoother in the long run, and make error messages (I bet you’ve had some) a thing of the past.  Secondly, cast your mind back almost exactly a year to the very first post of 2017, namely our visit to Suffolk Cemetery, La Rolanderie Farm.  Well, all I am going to say at the moment is that I expect to bring you some excellent news on my Suffolk Cemetery crusade early in 2018.  Watch this space.

So, Happy Christmas all, thanks for reading this year, hope you found it worthwhile, and here’s to 2018.


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4 Responses to Merry Christmas Everybody

  1. Joseph Orgar says:

    Happy Christmas

    Best wishes everyone


  2. Morag Sutherland says:

    Happy Christmas to you from the north of Scotland

  3. Baldrick says:

    Merry Christmas to you and the bank manager!

  4. Chris Wouters says:

    Merry Christmas and a Happy 2018 to the writer, the contributors and the readers of this excellent site!

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