A Tour of Boesinghe Part Twenty One – Pilkem Demarcation Stone


The penultimate stop on our tour finds us across the fields from the industrial estate, where another of the nineteen Demarcation Stones still to be found on the roadsides of Belgium, this one is sited alongside the Pilkemseweg about a mile and a half north of Ieper (Ypres), and 550 yards south east of Welsh Cemetery (Caesar’s Nose), can be found.


To get your bearings, Colne Valley Cemetery is a little to the left of the chimney on the far right of the picture.  In 2005 archaeological investigations uncovered a German trench running parallel to the road just a few yards into the field directly ahead of us.


This stone has ‘Boesinghe’ inscribed beneath the helmet…


…which on this occasion is French.  Note the French water bottle on this side,…


…and a French gas mask case on the opposite side.


Away to the south, on the left of the photo, the spires of the Cloth Hall and St. Martin’s Cathedral in the centre of Ieper can be seen on the horizon.


Apart from the ‘Boesinghe’ beneath the helmet, there appears to be no other inscription of any sort on this Stone.  Welsh Cemetery (Caesar’s Nose) is hidden behind the house on the far right.



View looking south west, Essex Farm Cemetery, where this tour started, beyond the factory on the horizon to the right.  For the full lowdown on Belgian Demarcation Stones, click here: The full lowdown on Belgian Demarcation Stones.  Otherwise, we have one more stop, just one more cemetery to visit, before our tour comes to an end.

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  1. John in Canada says:

    An old guy thanks you for your use of Imperial distance measures !

    • Magicfingers says:

      Absolutely! None of these new-fangled measurements on this site. And anyway, on my way to work tomorrow all the roadsigns will be in m.p.h., and with Brexit looming that ain’t going to change, that’s for sure.

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