Austro-Hungarian Hand Grenades of the Great War Part Twelve – The Schwere Hand Grenade Part Five

In Part Four of this introduction to Austro-Hungarian hand grenades I showed you a small Schwere hand grenade, very similar to this example. 

In fact if you compare the two, the body of this one is not in as good condition as the other,…

…but what makes it of interest is that it still retains the improvised wire handle that allowed these grenades to be attached to a soldier’s belt.

Once again the cap and fuse are intact, the cap on this example without the glacially-caused split in the previous example.

What I didn’t explain previously was the in-built safety mechanism; the cap covering the fuse screws in a clockwise fashion, but the fuse itself screws into the body of the grenade in an anti-clockwise fashion, hence it is impossible to unscrew both cap and fuse together.

That’s it for Schwere hand grenades, but if there are any other, different, examples, I shall probably track them down one day.

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