Sancreed War Memorial

Three and a half years ago I showed you round the little church of St. Sancredus in Sancreed (just a few miles from Land’s End), with its fabulous bronze relief of, and original wooden cross belonging to, Lieutenant William Alexander Stanhope Forbes, D.C.L.I., killed on the Somme at Guillemont on 3rd September 1916, and a man we shall encounter again when we pay a visit to Guillemont Road Cemetery later in the year.

Occasionally systems go haywire, so it was by pure chance that I stumbled over these photos of Sancreed war memorial in a remote folder deep in the bowels of the BigNote filing system, and realized that I hadn’t published them.

So I’m very pleased that I found them, and can now show them to you, because it’s a cracking little memorial,…

…with a fantastic Celtic Cross on the top.

Thirteen names, including two Chapples, two Lawrys and two Thomases.

Bearing in mind where we are, these are probably some of the first daffodils of the year in the U.K., I would imagine.  Anyway, now that you’ve seen the memorial, if you don’t remember the bronze and the wooden cross in the church, or haven’t seen them before, or want to see them again, click here.

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4 Responses to Sancreed War Memorial

  1. Morag Sutherland says:

    Lovely nformative post as always complete with Celtic cross….so I feel at home!. We are 60 miles south of John I groats and daffies in bloom crazy
    We won’t be able to have fresh ones on cross Easter Sunday 21st April at this rate…..

  2. Roland Rayfield says:

    My wife and I were there last year and saw the memorial, but the tree was in full foliage so could hardly see the church. We’ve been to the UK four times from Australia and every time hire a car and visit this beautiful area staying at Anjarden Self Catering Holiday Cottages less than a kilometre away.

    • Magicfingers says:

      We are lucky enough to have a time-share on the Lizard, so we go there a couple of times a year. Hence all the Cornwall memorials on this site. Beautiful area. Thanks for commenting Roland.

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