The Daily Postcard No. 7

The text basically says ‘Prayers in a Belgian church being used as a bivouac by German soldiers’.  Well, there are two rifles, and as the congregation prays and one soldier sleeps, has the other joined in with the prayers?  Is he the kneeling or sitting figure, with head bowed and shaven neck, closest to the pillar in the centre? 

The card was written on 11th July 1915 by one Klaus Ermann, and is stamped 14th Infantry Regiment, postmarked and passed (the blue squiggle).  German cards would more often than not feature the word ‘Feldpost(karte)’ – Field Post(card) – written, as in this case, or printed, as you will see in future posts.

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13 Responses to The Daily Postcard No. 7

  1. Steven Hearnden says:

    Was that before or after the Germans had pillaged the village?

  2. Nick Kilner says:

    Of course there’s always the possibility that the man to whom the spare rifle belongs is the photographer

  3. Sid from Down Under says:

    The sleeping soldier has such a very satisfied expression he’s either had a good swig of Communal wine or a feed of Bratwurst instead of normal dog biscuit. The one kneeling is either joining in prayer or “Keeping Cockatoo”. There, all solved.

    Gotta keep it light during COVID-19 worldwide lock down

    • Magicfingers says:

      Sorted. Tomorrows definitely fits in with your ‘keeping it light’ theme.

      • Sid from Down Under says:

        Clarification: By “light” I meant comments not your (wonderful) postcards. I was trying to make excuses for my attempts at light humour rather than serious analysis. Laughter is the best medicine concept – especially needed during these very serious times. Not only is our state border closed to outsiders and ourselves but our state is divided into ten Regions and we are not allowed to travel outside our home Region nor others come in. We have police and army soldier check points. First time this has ever been done. Obviously to limit the spread of COVID-19. Our authorities are calling it War. Like the WW1 Spanish Flu pandemic.

  4. Margaret Draycott says:

    Gosh Sid that sounds heavy handed but as I don’t know Australia and the layout perhaps it’s the only way. As your heading towards your winter though and this little so and so of a bug likes the cold and it keeps you safe needs must. How big is a region by the way.
    Like some of your comments on other posts you make me think outside the box I am only a novice at this.

  5. Sid from Down Under says:

    Hi Margaret – to get an idea of the size of the state of Western Australia (where I live) I suggest Google – in area it is one third the size of Australia and would fit UK inside our state borders nine or ten times yet we only have a population of less than 3 million. For COVID-19 we’re divided into nine (my error above, not ten) Regions and now one of them is divided into 4 local government areas with people unable to move out of their local area. Apparently all these draconian measure are paying off. Time will tell.

    Glad some of my comments make you think outside the box – I’m sure Magicfingers would like that. He has a fantastic series of posts and I salute him for presenting us with his daily postcards. Stay safe and well

  6. Sid from Down Under says:

    More info for Margaret – I know this is partially off subject but hope MF forgives me – he gave us his postcards diversion because of the present crisis so here goes.

    It’s currently two months before our Winter starts – Autumn at the moment – but for the next week we have a forecast “cool” 35C down in my south with the north of our state their normal 40C+ which should keep the COVID-19 bug at bay but has not (down south we sort of have four seasons although the aboriginal six seasons is more realistic and up north they have only two seasons “The Wet” and “The Dry” the opposite way around to the south). As recommended my wife and I have had our normal flu shots one month earlier than normal so we don’t potentially get two flues at once.

    The WW1 connection to the Spanish Flu is a strong comparison subject in our media. 50 million died back then. Magicfingers has a post on that tragedy – have you read it?

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