The Daily Postcard No. 8

As son leaves for France, father looks stoic, and sister extends a claw. 

It’s all too much.  Father, medals resplendent, sits, as son gazes into his eyes, and is that a swoon beginning in the background?

Dad’s up, but sister’s in full swoon now, and the bonnet’s off,…

…and so, at last, is our hero.  All four cards are unused, as shown below.

I’m sorry (but not very), but there are times when the naivety of these sentimental postcards, to 21st Century eyes, cannot fail to amuse.  The British were masters, if that is the word, of these types of cards, and we shall doubtless see more like this in due course.  Now, back in the first post, I did mention that these daily postcards would not interfere with the general running of the site, and as two posts in a day would be simply gratuitous, there will be occasional times when you will think ‘where’s my daily postcard?’ and there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth at its absence.  But never fear.  That will, most likely, indicate that something more significant will be arriving later in the day.

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8 Responses to The Daily Postcard No. 8

  1. Sid from Down Under says:

    Ah, you sentimental fellow …. the first postcard looks photo shopped. Son’s head is large but oh his poor sister. I hope he safely returned. Please keep ’em comin’

    • Magicfingers says:

      I don’t imagine he went anywhere but off to the next photoshoot, actually. And I see what you mean about his head, but hadn’t thought that before you mentioned it; whatever, rest assured these postcards are untouched apart from a little cleaning up by me if necessary. Oh, and I shall keep ’em coming. We can do this for quite a while.

  2. Steve Monk says:

    Best ones to date in my opinion. Tells the tale well. Thank you Sir.

  3. Nick Kilner says:

    Its a wonder that poor young lady made it through the photography session! 😉
    A great series. Tres amusant, as the French would say.

  4. Margaret Draycott says:

    In my innocence nick were these really postcards to be sent? Because I don’t think I would like to receive such a card….sorry but the sister seems a bit of a wimp or had a sheltered life. Women were a lot tougher than that No?

    • Magicfingers says:

      Yes, these cards were absolutely meant to be sent. Not only that, and I shall explain more in a later Daily Postcard, but there was massive competition between the postcard manufacturers, and what sells postcards? Not the bit you write on. It’s the images that sell the cards, just like today. Always bear in mind, when you view these cards, is that first and foremost they were a commercial venture, and what you are seeing is what the card manufacturers believed would sell. No more, no less.

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