The Daily Postcard No. 13

Wait for it. 

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11 Responses to The Daily Postcard No. 13

  1. Sid from Down Under says:

    I suspect there is more story to this ………. Gotha attack on June 5th 1917 diverted to Sheerness perhaps? Or an earlier Zeppelin? With anticipation I await your elucidation.

    • Magicfingers says:

      Nope, sorry to disappoint, but that’s it. Nothing more (see my reply to Nick below)…….at the moment.

  2. Nick Kilner says:

    reminds me of seaside postcards from my childhood, there was always one ‘at night’ lol

  3. Margaret Draycott says:

    It looks light search lights. Never saw night time postcards when i was on hols. I am intrigued. So funny these chaps thwarting you M perhaps there getting to know you to well.

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