The Daily Postcard No. 40

Another three-card Bamforth set today, and if you want my advice, mate, get shot of that red belt/bandolier combination you’ve got strapped across your shoulders, eh? 

Which you will be, if you go into battle with a large red ‘X’ on your chest.  Yeah, burn them.

No, he hasn’t burnt them, he’s just swapped shoulders.  Actually, there’s a serious point being made in this poem, the word ‘traitors’ surely not to be used glibly.  To whom might it be referring, I wonder?

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13 Responses to The Daily Postcard No. 40

  1. Jon T says:

    That red bandolier get up is quite something. Talk about X marks the spot !

    I wonder if the traitors reference is in common with so many wars with the concept of a fifth column or enemy sympathisers ? Perhaps there had been a particular press story about such things at that time in the war ?

    Or perhaps as in the Second World War “Careless talk costs lives !”

    • Magicfingers says:

      The red bandolier certainly shows how the card manufacturers were more interested in catching your eye than any form of reality – whatever sells! Personally, I wonder if the traitor business was to do with the 1915 shell shortage, and business profiting while shells, if the artillery could get them, often failed to explode. But your fifth column – or maybe just peaceniks – suggestion is just as good.

  2. Margaret Draycott says:

    Very emotive cards, would break my heart if I got one of these. All that reds a bit of a nonsense. Would he be talking about conscientious objectors, all a bit veiled. I suppose left to you to decide depending on what was going on in your neighbourhood,

    What’s happened to Sid not been seen hope that tooth extraction not giving him any further problems.

    Anybody doing anything for VE Day?
    A question? Is it wrong to commemorate/celebrate it I know many did not return or were badly injured lost limbs or were never the same, is that a reason to ignore it?

    • Magicfingers says:

      VE Day. Why on earth should you not celebrate, let alone commemorate? It’s a pretty important day in the history of mankind – where would we be now, I wonder, had there not been one? And personally, I am quite sure had the Germans won the Second World War I would never have even been a gleam in anyone’s eye. I shall be raising a glass.
      As far as Sid is concerned, well, a few days ago he decided, after seven years or whatever, and for reasons that will be forever cloaked in mystery, that I had deliberately ‘outed’ him on this website by mentioning his real name – which is odd considering there have been quite a few posts published over the years where his full name has appeared, including a post dedicated to his father (couldn’t really do that one without real names, now could we!), and I have thanked him using his real name – he has even corrected my spelling of his surname on this website at least once!!! So why would I ever even consider that he didn’t want people to know his name when it has appeared at least ten times in full on this site (including, with great irony, a much earlier comment on the same post as he ‘resigned’, which he had posted using his full name!!)!! It never occurred to me – I repeat, why would it? – and you will understand me being completely flummoxed when in his next comment he said his goodbyes and left the group. I think it’s bonkers, and it made me a bit cross, actually, for various reasons. One of which is that my record of keeping people’s ‘secrets’ or real names or whatever is important to them is spotless, and this questions my integrity. Luckily, being a webmeister and active on the web for getting on for 25 years, my track record is there for all to see and check. I would never do what I have been accused of if I knew someone wanted to be incognito, even to someone I didn’t like, let alone Sid. Anyway, that’s the internet for you. Everything about it is always transient. As someone who runs a site, I know that well enough.

      • Nick Kilner says:

        How bizarre! As my mother would say, “there’s nowt so queer as folk”. It would be difficult for you not to be offended by such an accusation, and such a very odd one at that. We are however in strange times, and people are not themselves at present (I’ve actually become quite polite and helpful, which is very much against my usual character!). A Pity, but I’m sure he’ll be back, probably under a different name, if he isn’t already ;-).

        • Magicfingers says:

          Bizarre indeed. Your mother would be spot on there. Anyway, it’s a shame, and I’m sorry, but he has freedom of choice, and it’s his loss. Talk about cutting off your nose…… Strange times indeed.

  3. Margaret Draycott says:

    Agree with your comments re VE Day I asked because I’ve seen comments from some people who feel lives were turned upside down because of the war and there is nothing to celebrate, entitled to there opinion of course but I feel for all those who lost their lives we should remember. I do think that we should also if not celebrate in the same way, at least acknowledge VJ Day after all we still had many troops fighting in that area.

    Astonished at Sid, don’t understand his reasoning, in my innocence I thought his name was a Sid and at no time have I noticed his “real name” even when he gave me all the information about his Father. I am sorry that he has taken umbridge to what he perceives to be a betrayal, I liked and looked forward to his comments all I can say is Sorry to see you go, perhaps in the fullness of time Sid will realise nothing harmful was meant by the revealing and as his name has been mentioned a number of times in the past, I am at a total loss to understand. His decision of course.

  4. Nick Kilner says:

    Looking at the position of the rifle in that last card, I’m not sure he’s going to make to the postbox, never mind the front lines!

  5. Margaret Draycott says:

    Hahahaha you have a very good point there Nick, oops sorry pardon the pun.

  6. Daisy in Indonesia says:

    Hello Magicfingers,

    Hhmmm. I wouldn’t be sending these cards to my mother. Quite horrible really.

    Traitors. Lower than pond scum…

    I will be having a Bintang to commemorate VE Day. All these special days are important and should not become irrelevant.

    Sorry Sid has felt so bad he has to leave. As you say, strange days indeed…

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