The Daily Postcard No. 42 Addendum

Now here’s an Italian!  Or at least a Frenchman pretending to be an Italian.  Best I can do!!

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12 Responses to The Daily Postcard No. 42 Addendum

  1. Jon T says:

    I am sure that magnificent array of feathers on his hat would strike fear into even the most determined foe !

    • Nick Kilner says:

      Especially if they were a duck! 😉
      He does have something of a ‘You are sure this is correct?’ expression on his face!

  2. Margaret Draycott says:

    ooh la la!!!! you two are funny.

  3. Daisy in Indonesia says:

    No wonder the Italians were ridiculed for retreating rather than advancing. If I was dressed like this I would be hiding behind the nearest tree.
    I am seriously impressed by the moustache though and incidentally I am attempting the same mo’ during lockdown. I want to curl mine with moustache wax.

  4. Guy Blythman says:

    Why was he pretending to be an Italian? Probably not enough real ones to go round. Going by the book I’ve been reading about Rommel’s experiences in WW1 they’d probably all surrendered!

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