Drumnadrochit – Glen Urquhart War Memorial

Nessie Land – 200 yds.  Not a sign I see very often where I live.


Seeing we’re in the immediate area, and seeing I did spend the rest of the day Loch Ness Monster hunting – why wouldn’t you? – I suppose you might like to see the results:

Out on the loch, this is Loch Ness, looking north east,…

…and south west.  There’s more water here than in all the lakes in England (and we have a Lake District) & Wales combined, and you could fit the population of the whole world in it,…

…at least ten times over!!!

And, of course, I looked,…

…and I looked,…

…and I looked,…

…but I couldn’t see any signs of Nessie.

Maybe next time.

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6 Responses to Drumnadrochit – Glen Urquhart War Memorial

  1. Sandra Dexter says:

    Lovely shrine, beautiful bonnie Scotland – enjoyed my online visit. Thank you.

  2. Margaret Draycott says:

    Great memorial a bit different, noticed an Earl amongst those killed not often you see that, and a couple of Urquharts named after the town? Lost quite a few, like the inscription,

  3. Daisy in Indonesia says:

    Bonnie Scotland indeed.
    That Scotland trip must have been very pleasant ; amazing countryside, lovely villages and splendid sunny days. All the memorials and cemeteries have been very special in their own impressive ways.
    Back during WW1 I’m imagining Scotland to be kind of remote and sparsely populated in many places but these small towns and districts accumulate long lists of names with too many of the same surname…
    Lest We Forget huh?

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