St. Pancras Station Workers War Memorial

St. Pancras Station, one hundred and fifty three years old next month.

Thus it was, on 8th November 2018, the station’s one hundred and fiftieth birthday, that this war memorial was unveiled on the Grand Terrace, not so far from where the station was hit in well-documented air raids in both 1918 & 1941.

Indeed the 1918 raid killed twenty one and wounded thirty three, the largest number of casualties caused by a raid on any of the London stations during the Great War.

Designed by Fabian Peake, the memorial features a list of occupations, representing the men and women from each and their part in the war effort.

Nice, isn’t it?  Good job, Fabian.

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6 Responses to St. Pancras Station Workers War Memorial

  1. Morag L Sutherland says:

    Thank you. I must check it out next time i am in London. I had no idea it existed!

  2. Alan says:

    Not too my taste never noticed and I use St P often to catch Eurostsr. I think if I had seen I would just thought it to be a list of jobs. The font is difficult to read.
    Go with my first thought ” Thats pretty s***”

    • Magicfingers says:

      I actually took the pics early last year just before Lockdown on my last Eurostar trip – am hopeful for a trip in January as we speak. Being a contrary chap, I like the fact that this doesn’t appeal to you. And I like you saying so. For what it’s worth, the panels are black-bordered white vitreous enamel, chosen as that material was historically used for signage by railway companies.

  3. Nick Kilner says:

    That’s really different, and very nicely done I think

  4. Margaret Draycott says:

    Absolutely love that station could spend the whole day there. Was there on a family trip to London recently but didn’t notice that, although unusual I think it’s a nice way of commemorating the many different professions/trades that worked at the station and served their country

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