New Addition

So what’s all this then? 

A couple of years ago I showed you a new arrival to the research library, and as at least one of you (well, exactly one of you, if memory serves) seemed to appreciate it at the time,…

…here’s the latest addition (Christmas present from the missus.  Cool, eh?).

So, a few random pages from Volume One,…

…followed by a few from Volume Two,…

…and thus, in theory, at least, were you now to ask all those questions that you’ve been dying to ask about all things Austro-Hungarian, I’m your man!

Happy New Year to you all, and a big thank you for your continued support, each and every one of you.

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17 Responses to New Addition

  1. Glenn Kerr says:

    Happy New Year my friends. Just a remarkable place you have created. On behalf of the Central Ontario Branch of the Western Front Association in Canada, please accept our thanks for your priceless contributions to keeping “their” memory and achievements and sacrifice alive. Glenn

    • Magicfingers says:

      Thank you kindly Glenn. Very much appreciated. I am a WFA member although it is a few years now since I attended a meeting – ironically, I bet most of the other local members are totally unaware of my site!! I have considered putting forward some stuff for Stand To – I can come up with some stories that I suspect people might ‘enjoy’ reading about. Maybe I should?

      • Glenn Kerr says:

        The simple answer is absolutely. You present remarkable unique stories and information. The cemeteries have always been my passion for the Great War and the stories that exist within each one. We would welcome the opportunity to print some of them in our own Maple Leaf magazine with your blessing. Our members and friends come from across Canada, the USA and Europe. You can e-mail me anytime!! at to expand the idea. Thank you very much for your note. Glenn

  2. Daisy says:

    Well Magicfingers,

    You have a very good wife. A glorious gift to you.

    How did you manage to partner such a wonderful woman? Hahaha.

    Happy New Year to you too mate from a very hot 41 degrees Melbourne.


  3. Filip Jacques says:

    A Happy New Year to you and to all the members!

  4. nicholas Kilner says:

    Happy new year! Looks like a splendid pair of volumes, enjoy!

  5. Margaret Draycott says:

    Happy new year to you M and all your lovely readers, so look forward to there responses find them interesting and informative, great to be part of a like minded group and yes especially to keep their memory alive.
    Great gift she knows you well.

  6. Alan Seah says:

    Wishing you and family a Happy and Blessed New Year! Many thanks for this great site – truly a labour of love.

  7. Alan Bond says:

    A belated Happy New Year. A magnificent gift enjoy.


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