Mousehole War Memorial

Now that’s quaint, isn’t it?

And over on the right, beyond those colourful boats and canoey things,…

…I spy a war memorial.

Nothing more to be said.

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8 Responses to Mousehole War Memorial

  1. Alan says:

    Thanks looks well maintained in fairly prominent position

  2. Mousehole, my mother’s home & where I spent my early years.
    My great uncle Richard Treeve Harvey was the treasurer of the War Memorial committee. The Memorial cost almost £400.
    The Cornishman 16 June 1920 states: “It had been decided to erect the Memorial to consist of granite base, column, and Cornish Cross, 15ft. high (local granite), at the cliff end of the harbour office.
    Names of the Fallen for WW1 & 2 are inscribed at the base of Paul Church clock tower.

  3. Matt says:

    Hello MagicFingers,

    Is there a way in which I can privately get in touch with you regarding your article “Travels on the Somme Part Eighteen – The Butte de Warlencourt” from 2016?

    Much Appreciated,

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