Leatherhead War Memorial 13-11-2022

A few scenes from a couple of hours ago.

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Leatherhead war memorial is quite unusual in that the Cross, as you can see, is an official CWGC Cross of Sacrifice with longsword; the names of the dead are listed on individual panels beyond the arches in the background, and can be viewed in detail here.

Woman & dog.  Not voyeurism on my part, I know both of ’em pretty well.  Honest, officer.

All over.

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4 Responses to Leatherhead War Memorial 13-11-2022

  1. Nick Kilner says:

    Always nice to see. I spent the time at Quarry cemetery, one of my favourite cemeteries on the Loos battlefield. Myself and two friends were the only attendees there, which made for something of a more intimate commemoration. It’s a beautiful spot, and one we shall hopefully visit together before too long.

    • Magicfingers says:

      Wow. That must have been quite something, actually. And I do hope so!!!!!
      Incidentally, the next tour on this website will end a mere five miles north of Quarry Cemetery……

      • Nick Kilner says:

        Excellent, I look forward to that. It’s an area I am beginning to get to know better with each visit. I also dropped in to Erquinghem yesterday, but the weather was bitter and the fields had crops in, so a slightly less productive visit than I’d hoped for sadly.

        • Magicfingers says:

          I do hope I get back there in February but that all depends – I have certain places that I have never been – yeah, really, lol – and need to tick them off, and one or two other ideas, so it depends on how long I go for.

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