St. Gwinear Churchyard & Church Cemetery

A locked church, and as it turned out, a churchyard devoid of war graves.

However, it’s always nice, at least in terms of churchyards and memorials,…

…to find a lych gate converted into a war memorial, as we have here.

Which rather makes up for the rest, actually.

19th Century headstone that I only photographed because of the name – and because if you looked up another Nancarrow, one Samuel Conlan Nancarrow, you’ll get an insight into the outer fringes of my musical tastes.  Not for the faint of heart.

Back to the lych gate,…

…and just down the road,…

…we find St. Gwinear Church Cemetery, and a CWGC sign suggesting that just a single war grave is to be found inside.

Half-hidden in the centre in the background, by the looks of it.  On our way…

…I spotted this headstone, although it gives no clues as to whether Edward Harvey was a war casualty.

On reaching the CWGC grave,…

…we get our answer.  And you’ll find E. J. Harvey among the names on the lych gate, too.

And finally, well, you have to check this one, surely?

And although the front has no military connections,…

…not so the inscription on the side.

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6 Responses to St. Gwinear Churchyard & Church Cemetery

  1. Morag L Sutherland says:

    Thank you as always. Very olde worlde cemetery with lyche gate . I found some of the writing on large family stone difficult to read but their boy died a long from home in 1942

  2. Nick Kilner says:

    A very nice looking church, such a pity so many are locked these days.
    There’s a very sad tale attached to Arthur Cecil Perry. He was aboard the HMS Giang Bee, a Chinese owned trawler which had been requisitioned by the British for use as a coastal patrol vessel. She was carrying 300-350 civilians along with a handful of Chinese crew when she was sunk in the Banka Strait by a Japanese destroyer. There were only 4 lifeboats onboard, two of which were destroyed in the action. Losses were extremely high.

  3. Lorna Snowdon says:

    HENRY NANCARROW buried in Gwinear Church yard is my great great grandfather. A few years ago we had the headstone cleaned and made safe…..the stone is Cornish slate.

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