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A Stroll along the Mole or “Wanna see some Tank Traps?”

To which the answer is always a resounding “Yes”.  And who knows what else one might see on the way?  Twenty years ago people would have flocked from all over the country to see one of these.  Now I spot … Continue reading

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When the Levee Breaks…

…I’ll have no place to stay.  A few shots of last night’s dramas.

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Weekend Report

A few shots from this weekend’s Flanders excursion. 

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Remembrance in Miniature

Because it’s going to take a while to write the text to accompany the photos I took last week (and yes, we also have more French Flanders cemeteries to visit, and I promised you Kemmel for this year – I … Continue reading

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The Road Goes on Forever – Four Days in Flanders: October 2019

Early morning sunshine breaks through the trees in Poperinge Communal Cemetery, 22nd October 2019.

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Coming up in 2019

A sneak preview of what’s coming up next year.  Along with the usual one-off posts, much of 2019 will be spent following the course of the war in the area to the south west of Ypres, along with one major … Continue reading

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Armistice Day 2018 – One Hundred Years On: A Surrey Village & the Great War

At the end of the Great War there were about fifty ‘Thankful Villages’ among the thousands of communities across the whole of the United Kingdom, one fifth of them, because that’s simply the luck of the draw, in just one single … Continue reading

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