Woking – Mayford Industrial School Rolls of Honour


This building was once Mayford Industrial School…



…and at the far end of this block…



…there is a room…


…at the time of my visit full of objects due to go to auction.


I found this photograph of one of the rooms at the school, and if you look closely on either side of the screen in the centre background, you will just make out two boards that could perhaps be Rolls of Honour…


…and indeed they are.  In a store room in a Woking multi-storey, and with a little help from Freddie Flintoff and that bloke on the right (whom you may recognise from elsewhere on this site), we tracked both of them down.  Good work, eh?



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10 Responses to Woking – Mayford Industrial School Rolls of Honour

  1. Orville says:

    Hi I was in mayford approve school from 1972/1973.Is it possible to get some copys of the photographs.I would be most greatful, if you could e-mail me.

  2. richard says:

    I was there from mid 72 to Feb 73, when I got kicked out!
    The roll of honor board was in the dining room, the dining room was the big room on
    the left as you look at the building from the front. I was passing by in the 90’s and I had a look around and I was talking to someone and he was throwing away an aerial photo of the place, I probably still have it.

  3. Orville(rob) says:

    Richard what house was you in?

  4. Steven Paul Letchford says:

    Hi I am Steven Letchford I was in nelson house ,do you have any photos , think it was between 1967 and 1971, headmaster with Mr Nicholson , housemaster with Mr Fisher ,

  5. Joseph Orgar says:


    Hope you are well quick question for you.
    Do you know what happened to Allen house, preparatory school, Hook Heath, Woking, war memorial.



    • Magicfingers says:

      Hello Joe. Not too bad thanks. Leave it with me for a couple of days – most of my information on Woking war memorials is at work – and I will check for you.

    • Magicfingers says:

      Joe. A few years ago my friend Duncan and myself did a project called ‘Woking Remembers’ where we tried to find and photograph all the memorials within the old borough boundary. We couldn’t find the Allen House memorial, nor, so far, any sign of what happened to it (nor the old Co-op plaque either). At the time Duncan put a message on the Great War Forum, and two photos subsequently appeared (if you want copies let me know), so he has put another message on there today after I showed him your message to me – we shall see if anything comes up this time. Best I can do.

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